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30th-Jun-2006 03:22 pm - untitled (a stanford fic)
title: untitled (a stanford fic)
author: moveablehistory
rating: 14a for language and some subject matter. Also, smart!Dean!
notes: 8177 words of gen futurefic much too influenced by my summer lit class. Special thanks to kiraboshi, without whom this wouldn't have existed at all. All quotes from here.
summary: So, it's all over and Sam's looking back at what he wanted to be. Dean's looking forward trying to make up his mind.
soundtrack: Philip Glass - Solo Piano (zipped album)

untitled (a stanford fic)Collapse )
8th-May-2006 03:25 pm - and iron
title: and iron
author: moveablehistory
rating: pg, gen
warnings/spoilers: spoilers for Devil's Trap.
summary: The Impala isn't ignorant in all of this.
notes: Double drabble set in the Deus Ex Machina-verse, I suggest reading some of the others if this makes little sense.

and ironCollapse )
15th-Apr-2006 06:59 pm - Beside the Machinery, This
title: Beside the Machinery, This
rating: PG, Hard 14A if you have quite the imagination.
disclaimer: This is a derivative work and no profit is being made.
notes: Spoilers for the pilot and Bugs, but only a little. Slashy/Wincest companion piece/sequel to Deus Ex Machina. Special thanks to elle_dritch for betaing - thanks muchissimo. Suggested reading format includes downloading Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song and loading it up on the player of your choice, reading the lyrics if you want an extra dose of schmoop, and then reading this. :)
length: 753

Beside the Machinery, ThisCollapse )
14th-Apr-2006 01:28 am - That's What
title: That's What
rating: PG
notes: Written for loweryourwand and because of that inestimable writing meme. Slightly wincesty, but only if you squint. Double drabble length.

“SAM!”Collapse )
13th-Apr-2006 12:13 am - T-Minus And Counting Up
title: T-Minus and Counting Up
author: moveablehistory
rating: 14A
notes: SPN/Lost crossover, because kissedbythegods made me do it. Warnings for a little wincest and character death, except not really. :) Mostly fluffy angsty with a side of humour, slightly AU. 687 words long. Insert a witty disclaimer here.

[Supernatural] T-Minus And Counting UpCollapse )
12th-Apr-2006 08:45 pm - Replace and Subsequent
title: Replace and Subsequent
author: moveablehistory.
rating: G
notes: Strict drabble, Gen, Dean-centric. Written for ciela_night as per writing meme. Set in the same ficcyverse as Deus Ex Machina, and I suggest reading that if this makes no sense.

Replace and SubsequentCollapse )
12th-Apr-2006 04:58 pm - [House] Last Year At The...?
title: Last Year At The...?
author: moveablehistory.
rating: PG
note: House drabble for ms_erupt, courtesy of the Writing Meme. :)

Last Year At The...?Collapse )
11th-Apr-2006 05:50 pm - Deus Ex Machina
title: Deus Ex Machina
rating: PG
disclaimer: This is a derivative work and no profit is being made.
notes: Spoilers for the pilot and The Journey Home; warnings for very mild implied Sam/Dean that you could really just ignore if you want. I wrote this after considering the prominence of the Impala in both the show and in the fic, and I noted that I hadn't read any Metallicar POV. I sought to rectify the situation immediately. Also, I'm looking for a beta, if anyone is interested.
sequel: Beside the Machinery, This
length: 550

The car doesn't know or understand very much at all.Collapse )
8th-Apr-2006 04:56 pm - Like This Because
title: Like This Because (así te amo porque no sé amar de otra manera*)
rating: PG-13 for subject matter and language.
pairing: Sam/Dean
genre&warnings: Non-graphic incestuous emotions that you can ignore if you prefer gen!fic. UST, fluff, slightly angsty goodness. Spoilers through 1.18 to be safe.
disclaimer: This is a derivative work; no claim to ownership of publicly identifiable characters is being made here.
notes: A twist on the stagesoflove challenge; a combination of stages of love and relationship through senses. I am not the official claimholder - darkhavens is and I highly recommend her submissions. The lyric quoted in intimacy//SOUND is from the Led Zeppelin song Kashmir, and the title is from Neruda's Soneta XVII, a line that translates to I love you like this because I don't know any other way.
authorly rambling: My!Dean is a little bit of a synæsthete; totally my fandom conceit. Sam doesn't learn from his mistakes, but we all love him anyways. The temporal structure's a little strange but it's not that strange. Most of these are from Sam's point of view, because although I am wholeheartedly a Dean fan, it's Sam that has to make the choice at the center of this. Also, Dean is inscrutable - I don't understand him quite all the way yet. Sam's easy. :)
soundtrack: Cat Power - I Found A Reason

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