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yearly fic roundup and future plans

  • joyful and triumphant [link] pg, sam/dean, preslash, holidayfic.
  • syntax, a story in 101 lines [link] pg, sam/dean-ish, experimental.
  • secretly, in between your heart and your soul [link] nc-17, sam/dean. TEASER
  • allegiance to our brothers and fathers [link] media. pg, gen or nonexplicit slash.
  • luminaria [link] 14a, sam/dean.
  • man burnt to ashes [link] r, war!AU.
  • sunrise and go back to bed [link] 14a, sam/dean, for girlmostlikely 
  • laughter defiant [link] 14a, sam/dean, for veronamay 
  • an american love story [link] 14a, sam/dean, for belovedsnail   
  • general store / monday morning [link] 14a, sam/dean, for halfshellvenus   
  • luna [link] 14a, sam/dean. crack!fic.
  • saint and the dragon [link] 14a, gen + subtext, dean and hallucination.
  • a hundred drabbles [slash] [gen] various ratings, full warnings with each drabble.
  • hello, sweetheart [link] 14a, sam/dean, third-party perspective.
  • whirl [link] 14a, sam/dean, carnival!schmoop.
  • powder sugar; hockey sticks. [link] 14a, gen, for spn_north.
  • present tense [link] R, Sam/Dean, schmoopy pwp.
  • untitled (a stanford fic) [link] | 14A, gen, futurefic
  • Deus Ex Machina | link | An Impala!POV 'verse.
    • Deus Ex Machina | link | pg, gen
    • Replace and Subsequent | link | pg, gen
    • Beside the Machinery, This | link | 14a, sam/dean.
    • And Iron | link | pg, gen. *devil's trap spoilers
  • T-Minus and Counting Up | link | 14a, sam/dean, LOST crossover.
  • Like This Because | link | 14a, sam/dean, 25 connected drabbles.
  • But Wind Enough, And Time | link | 14a, sam/dean, genderswap.
  • Delicate | link | pg, j2.

fic year in review.

favorite story this year (of my own): an american love story, I think. But choosing one is like trying to decide which of my kids I love the most. I think my favourite is the one where I wrote something pretty that I can be happy with and proud of. ;)

my best story this year: untitled (a stanford fic), bar none. I'm so proud of that piece, you have no idea.

most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: man burnt into ashes. I think it's easily the grittiest thing I've written yet, or am likely to write. Short, but I've read it and edited and everything and it still feels raw open and cracking.

most fun story: whirl! but I rather enjoyed writing powder sugar, hockey sticks too. Also, laughter defiant is pretty amusing, I think.

sexiest story: Technically, the teaser for secretly, in between your heart and your soul. But I personally think present tense wins on that account.

"holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: but wind enough, and time. No amount of cajoling would convince me to unlock that fic. *shudders*

story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: saint and the dragon, I think.

hardest story to write: The one I'm working on now. Or whatever ones aren't finished, because it's fun but not easy at all.

biggest disappointment: hello, sweetheart. You ever have the feeling that sometimes you just didn't come across quite like you hoped you would? I adore this story to pieces but it didn't seem to resonate in quite the way I'd hoped.

biggest surprise: The reaction to untitled (a stanford fic). I wasn't expecting anybody to really like it, and I wrote it for Kira anyways, and so the reaction was delightful. ♥!

most telling story: hello, sweetheart. For what I think are obvious reasons.

future plans.
I have two RPS 'verses that I'll be picking away at: one is a Battlestar Galactica/Supernatural AU (thirteenth model 'verse) with some casting changes, and the other is a prep school AU (choate rosemary 'verse) that aims to be more character-driven than titillating.

One birthday fic that I still owe Hope and that I am still working on, entitled secretly, in between your heart and your soul, ETA on that one is mid-January.

I'm also working an a sequel to untitled (a stanford fic), this one is titled the language of waves and radiation, or how the dead speak to the living, and than one probably won't be finished until March at least, because I have some weird narrative plans for it.

I also have one irregular SPN 'verse (make fast in truthful words), which is actually pretty much most of what I've written already (inc. stanford, like this because, much of the moodfic and it will include waves and radiation) but that is definitely overarching and will likely never been complete.

I've also got a vague idea for a slash fic based on the Wild Hunt, and I've got a title for that one, too - psychopomp (hellfire and salvation).

Lastly, I'm working on an original novel, set immediately post-war/early Cold War, but that is a low priority at present.

random author notes
  • A lot of people interpreted the narrator of untitled (a stanford fic) to be the professor, but actually? When I was writing it? That's me. I have a thing for pseudometafiction. Also - the name of the class, the materials taught, the layout of the room and the professor are real people and places. Excepting, of course, the outcome.
  • I didn't clue in that deus ex machina meant a convienent twist or plot point until well after I wrote that fic. I always interpreted it literally - the ghost in the machine.
  • in sunrise and go back to bed, the actual marriage taking place is my nod to jsquared weddingfic, something on purpose. Early in the story I note that the real wedding is especially hush-hushed.
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