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sunrise and go back to bed

title: sunrise and go back to bed
author: moveablehistory
rating: 14a
pairing: Sam/Dean
notes: 1200ish words long. girlmostlikely posted this and I just had to write something. Originally posted flocked. Very schmoopy, yes.

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They would have sat on the same side, but that would have defeated the purpose.

The church was shaped like a cross if you saw it from above, and they were seated at the crosspoint, looking down towards the altar, the tiny gathering there around it. The priest's voice was hushed, still, and there were giggles and unabashedly happy smiles; a young and very pregnant girl stood beside a tall and stupidly happy boy, the bride's side were practically holding shotguns and the groom's side weren't looked very pleased, either.

The couple didn't care, eyes shining and mouths grinning, too quick on the uptake when it came to and now you may kiss the bride.

Sam looked across the aisle at Dean, shook his head. Dean sighed, nodded, went back to whetting the blade of the biggest knife he could sneak in without drawing attention to himself.

They waited. The priest looked down the aisle, caught Dean's eyes, quirked his head to the side and stood still. Dean shrugged, looked back over across the aisle at Sam; Sam shrugged too. They kept waiting.

"You sure it was today?" Sam whispered softly, not wanting to disturb anybody or anything.

"Yeah. Canadian common law has a loophole - anybody can get married if they post the banns and no one objects. That's how the whole thing got legalized, anyways." Dean shot another sideays glaces at Sam. "But you knew that already, didn't you?"

Sam nodded, smiled.


It took them a while to find a Catholic priest that didn't object, the law stated that anybody who didn't want to preside over a same-marriage didn't have to and a lot of people didn't. Priests, especially.

Took them even longer until banns for somebody were annouced, and they were lucky to catch it because this was especially hush-hushed.


The light barely made it past the curtains, shifting in the draft over the heater. It moved, light slanting across their bare shoulders, bellies, sleepy wetslick skin. Sam woke up, travel clock blinking 12:00, 12:00, moved enough to touch his fingertips to the veins on the inside of Dean's wrist.

"'cha know it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding?"

Dean's voice was so quiet Sam could barely hear him, but the snort on the tail end of that sentence was unmistakeable.

Sam yawned, replied with an elbow to ribs and Dean doubled over, laughing eyes bright, throwing last night's dirty clothes at Sam's face.


The church was a hundred miles in the rearview mirror, the whole town was back behind them, and Sam was still trying to get used to the feel of it, moving it around in his head. Wasn't legal, couldn't be, but it didn't have to in order for it to count. Three days already and it was still so fresh, he looked over at Dean sleeping in the shotgun side, at the black bracelet around his left wrist, tanmarks on his right ring finger.

Sam poked him in the shoulder and Dean startled, woke up fast and alert.

"What?" His voice was gravelly and well-used, the sound of it skittered across Sam's skin.

"You picked that room on purpose, didn't you?" Sam asked, laugh sly under the edges of his voice. "I bet you asked specifically."

Dean harrumped, closed his eyes, and settled against Sam's shoulder instead of the window. "No way, no way at all."


Sam laid down beside Dean, heat licking at their sides, not touching. "We can't actually, you know."

Dean nodded stiffly, as if the whole thing was about to give him a rash and he'd really rather not talk about it and who's idea was this anyways? "It's a sacrament, that's the important part."

"And you don't think we're going to get utterly smote?"

"Hope not." Dean whispered. He breathed in time with the laptop's light for a while, let everything settle down in his head. Sam rolled closer, wrapped his arm across Dean's chest and breathed in sync, too tired for anything else.


Dean watched what the priest was saying, looked across the aisle at Sam and mouthed the words, lips shaped into 'till death do us part.

Sam watched the two men exchange rings; he slipped off his bracelet and tossed it to Dean, enough time to catch the ring Dean threw at him.

They left somewhere in between i now pronounce you and you may now kiss, just enough time for them to move from their pews and reach out across the aisle, hands and mouths meeting in the middle.


"Shit, you mean this is our wedding night? Fuck, you've got to be joking." Dean rolled his eyes, kept on going. "There is no way that I'm doing any roses-and-flowers-slow-dance-crap, you have got to be kidding me."

Sam frowned, nodded. "I know, I know. I didn't even say anything, Dean, why'd you bring it up?"

Jaw drop, Dean sent Sam a look that meant yeah right, whatever, glanced pointedly at the curly-letter sign on their motel door that read Honeymoon Suite, up at the mirror above the bed, heartshaped hot tub in the seriously over large, serious overpriced bathroom.

"You're the one who got the room!" Sam was more than half-irritated, more than ready to just reposition his brother across the stupid huge bed, lick at his lips and mouth hot air over the cotton of his shirt, his boxers.

"I didn't know! The girl said it was the last one." Dean pushed his way past Sam, threw his bag down at the side closest to the door and started unbuttoning his shirt, throwing clothes towards the bed on his way to the bath. "You coming or what?"


"It's a sacrament of the church, like communion or confession, and it's got power in it - don't you think we can use that?" Dean pointed to the site he was browsing.

Sam threw himself into the chair across the table from Dean. "Yeah, I know, bonded pairs, the inherent trust and stabilty, safety and-" he paused, eyes wide, "-did you just propose?"

Dean flushed, looked away. "Not like that, god no. I mean, like when we were made deacons at that church in Green River, just so we could bless holy water. Remember?"

Sam nodded slowly. "I see."

He looked at Dean for as long as he could before he finally cracked, started laughing. Dean ducked his head in embarrassment; Sam waved the waitress down for a refill of everything and punctuated each sentence with a glance towards Dean and a "...he wants to marry me!"

Tags: fandom: supernatural, genre: schmoop, length: 1000-2000, pairing: sam/dean, rating: 14a
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