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A Supernatural Slash Anthology

A Supernatural Slash Anthology, Vol. I & II.

The purpose of this anthology is to create a book you can wrap up in a blanket with, something more portable than a laptop, something you can write in and make your own. I hope that I've accomplished that, and that everyone who reads this will enjoy it.

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Visit the website for the PDF files, set at 5x8, for download and printing at a local press or for reading online. The table of contents is located here.

I've set up a cafepress store for on-demand printing, and everything is sold at the cafepress base price.

A Supernatural Slash Anthology, Vol. I
A Supernatural Slash Anthology, Vol. II
A Supernatural Slash Anthology, Vol. I & II

Vol. I is comprised of happier/happy ending pieces, while Vol. II is comprised of more angsty or more dramatic pieces.

Working on this has been a very interesting experiment for me, and I'm so very pleased at the way that it's all come together, and I apologise in advance for any errors. I especially want to thank kiraboshi, who gave me the idea, and belovedsnail, who delights me all the bloody time. ♥

Thanks for everything. :D

- Gisela.

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