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yearly fiction roundup and future plans - 2008

It seems to be that time again. :))

Looking back, this year was hard for me, in terms of the act of writing, but not in the terms of thinking creatively or approaching stories from new or different angles. I think that if 2006 was me trying to learn how to write again, 2007 was me trying to actually write.

The first major thing I posted this year would have to be in a brand new west, which started out as a serial posted flocked to my journal. I like the way of posting and the way I got feedback and was followed, but I haven't attempted it again because writing like that was actually really difficult for me, despite the fact that this story was definitely my happyplace and where I felt very comfortable writing. In mid-September I lost all of my WIPs, including a significant (10k+) portion of the next in this series, and I've been a little heartsick over working in it since. Backups are your friend. While I do want to keep on with this series - and I have a whole mytharc mapped out! - I just need to figure out how to rewrite what I lost and that might take me a while.

sunset in the southeast, (and the flocked firm in their fists) marked my first attempts at RPS, which had (and does still, to some extent) creep me out, but I liked how and what I was able to write so I got over that pretty quickly. :)) While I'm very fond of this particular story, I do realise it's very twisty and not exactly accessible, oops. downtown hotel is also one of my favourite short little RPS fics - I'm quite fond of the storytelling style.

I love third-party POVs, and when amchara asked for such for her birthday, I was very glad to write ???? (life after). The comments mentioned Terry Prachett, and while I hadn't then read any I have since and I'm very pleased and flattered by the comparison. :))

The biggest story would definitely have been the language of waves and radiation (or, how the dead speak to the living), and I think it's the one story that was actually interpreted in ways most unexpected. I recieved several comments and a couple of emails telling me how frightening some of the concepts I presented were, where I hadn't realised that it would have been so, uh, creepy. That was wholly unexpected. I think, definitely, it's the fic I've most proud of this year, and only partially because of its length. I got a lot of comments regarding the time I spent researching, and while I'm afraid it's still a little bogged down by overfacts, I'm happy with the story.

Character bleed was also a huge thing for me this year, but I managed to only write one such fic - as if it sees me darkly - and I still don't know how I feel about it. It seems very unfinished to me, hmm.

I ended up writing a lot of RPS towards the end of the year, certainly much more in proportion to the regular SPN fic, and the balance-tilt doesn't really surprise me. Around August-November I wrote what I referred to (in my head, hah) as the quadrilogy: theoretical physics, tell yourself the truth, any verbal account of a person and of the noble disposition is lifelong - four stories of very similar theme, if not feel. I never mentioned it when I posted it, but they all inform each other and are really meant to be read together.

And the last big thing I posted this year - caught and found. I wrote it for rejeneration, and I'm very proud of the way it fits right in to her 'verse.


In any case - a complete list of all finished fanwork written in the last year, with permanent links and categories.

Upcoming stories - wow. I have plans, certainly, which I will now list here:
  • his name is a warcry - a heavily preslash/UST Sam/Dean story that presents an interpretation of how Dean's deal might be resolved. 1500/10500 complete. *bigbang 2008 candidate?
  • the wife of bath - a plot-heavy case!fic, background Sam/Dean, the intersection of fertility/abundance and nothing/horror. 500/15000 complete
  • alahambra - a jsquared interpretation/adaptation of L. M. Montegomery's The Blue Castle. Indulgence!fic. 3500/9000 complete.
  • untitled fairy tale story - magical realism, of sorts, and secret powers. First-time Sam/Dean, 4000/9000 complete.
  • secret other fairy tale - secret! 4000/12000 complete.
  • master and margarita fic - loose interpretation/adaptation/etc of the novel. 500/10000 complete.
  • and some birthdayfics and the like. :))
I have a few original story projects I'm considering, but the two major ones are:
  • a documented entitled conquistador!fic: a lush, sprawling sort of love story set in 1520 Spain. 1000/120000. *novel
  • a document entitled jack: a present-day western about a man on a ranch and the city growing up around him. 15min/45min. *screenplay/pilot
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