every breath is a victory (moveablehistory) wrote in thistogether,
every breath is a victory

untitled (a stanford fic) w/author's commentary

title: untitled (a stanford fic) w/author's commentary
rating: 14a for language and some subject matter. Also, smart!Dean!
notes: 8177 words of gen futurefic much too influenced by my summer lit class.
gratitude. Special thanks to kiraboshi, without whom this wouldn't have existed at all. All quotes from here.
summary: So, it's all over and Sam's looking back at what he wanted to be. Dean's looking forward trying to make up his mind.

read the original fic / read the fic with commentary
Tags: -author's commentary-, -author's favourites-, fandom: supernatural, genre: drama, genre: schmoop, length: 8000-9000, pairing: none, rating: 14a, verse: made fast in truthful words
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