October 15th, 2006

spn slash anthology table of contents

Because I said I'd post it. :)

Because of its length, I'm splitting up the anthology into two volumes of about 400 or so pages each (5" x 8"), but it'll still be avaliable one big huge one too. I'm making the .indd and .pdf files, as well as Adobe InDesign for Windows, all avaliable, because I checked the pricing at CafePress and it's... not cheap. I'm willing to bet that if people want to print/bind themselves, it'll work out to less and they'll have a much more customised work, picking and choosing what they want. In any case, everything is free (or at cost, in the case of cafepress) and the release date (Hallowe'en) for the slash anthology is on track.

Now, this isn't the absolutely final list, but it's pretty darn close. :)

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Remember, this is for the SLASH anthology. There are still a couple of people that I've either emailed today or haven't heard back from, so that could change. If you still want to submit something for consideration, or want to suggest somebody else's work, then leave a comment. :)