every breath is a victory (moveablehistory) wrote in thistogether,
every breath is a victory

[traveler] lockstop, watch & compass

title. lockstop, watch & compass
rating. 14a, for moderate almost!schmoop and some m/m.
pairing. Jay Burchell/ Tyler Fog
notes. 590 words. spoilers for 1.05 (20/6/2007 ep)

There isn't a whole lot to be said for the endeavor.

Jay pulls over about 20 miles out; looks over at Tyler and doesn't say anything. The last words spoken - "he picked the wrong guys to frame" - still hang in the air, and there's such a finality to it.

He never picked up on this, Jay thinks wildly, and pulls over. How did he miss this? Jay looks over at Tyler again, and Tyler wordlessly opens the car door, steps out.

Neither of them say anything; it seems like they're so far past that now. Words lie, and actions: the only thing they've got left is the fast thudding heartbeats between them, course of blood and the radio crackle that says we're running and we're going to make it.

They're in a lookout, around some bend in the road that nobody sees. It's cold, colder than it ought to be but it doesn't make much of a difference when Tyler turns and leans up against the car, smiles at Jay. They're eye-level, just like they always are, but Jay's the one to lean in, push against Tyler, slide a thigh in between Tyler's legs with a possessive motion, with something fierce and protective and we're in this together. Jay feels Tyler makes a rough sound in his throat, open up his mouth, tilt his hips up. The denim catches, worn rough and nearly through.

Maybe five hours sleep in the last three days, maybe less. Most of it in a ditch somewhere in Maine, off the side of the road, wrapped up sharing a blanket back to back. Some of it in a tree - Jay vaguely remembers his father, and a tree fort, and keep your eye on the ball - taking turns so neither would fall out.

Jay can see the shadows getting darker under Tyler's eyes, and it's not like he expects anything less. I guess betrayal'll do that to you, he starts, then gets distracted with Tyler's mouth again.

Tyler says something low: "You're supposed to be the smart one."

"Sleep deprivation causes uncharacteristic behaviour, sometimes uninhibited and reckless behaviour. Dangerous," Jay says, and his mouth is very close to Tyler's ear.

He wants nothing more than to unbutton Tyler's fly, maybe drop to his knees, maybe see if Tyler would drop to his, maybe see if he could fuck his best friend on the side of the road. Maybe tie them even closer than they are already.

He can hear sirens already closing in, and they're going to need to ditch the car. Tyler nips at his throat then shifts away, readjusts his jeans and throws a grin at Jay. "We're going to need to ditch the car," he says, and Jay stifles a grin, nods. They should be moving a lot faster, maybe stop standing here all shellshocked.

The sirens cut off abruptly, and they spring apart, meet eyes and make a rapidfire decision. The cops aren't after them right now, not right this second, and they can keep going. Jay slides back into the driver's seat, takes a second to watch Tyler twist, get his seatbelt on. He doesn't resist, leans over and touches his mouth to Tyler's, just to get a taste of him. When he pulls back Tyler is looking at him with a weird expression, a get the fuck moving expression.

"Just a minute," Jay says. "Just give me one minute."
Tags: fandom: traveler, genre: drama, genre: schmoop, length: -1000, pairing: jay/tyler, rating: 14a
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