every breath is a victory (moveablehistory) wrote in thistogether,
every breath is a victory

the language of waves and radiation (or, how the dead speak to the living) [j2, adult]

title. the language of waves and radiation (or, how the dead speak to the living)
rating. NC-17 for graphic sexuality and subject matter.
pairing. Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles. Brief het.
notes. Approx. 23000 words for spn_j2_bigbang
gratitude. here
soundtracks and art. sansets [here] & timbean [here]. timbean's soundtrack is downloadable [here] I recommend listening while reading, if possible.


The United Nations has been conducting an internal investigation into the activities of Jared Tristan Padalecki (b. 19 July 1982) and Jensen Ross Ackles (b. 1 March 1978), during the period of December 31st, 2007 to January 1st, 2010.

During this three year time frame, we believe that Mr. Padalecki and Mr. Ackles were engaged in espionage, extortion, and the willful destruction of United States Government property resulting in extensive and incalculable losses. The destruction of the international ECHELON program, attributed to Mr. Padalecki and Mr. Ackles, as well as the redistribution of copyrighted, classified and private information in the aftermath of the 2008-2010 Avian Influenza epidemic, has been estimated to have caused or been credited as having caused the restructurization of government policy succeeding the massive demonstrations against the reinstitution of intellectual property rights. While their work has been credited as 'kick-starting' the government rebuilding after the 2012 Sunspots, it remains that their activities were of an illegal, anarchistic and treasonous nature. (excerpt, "United Nations Field Report", May 17th, 2037)

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Tags: -author's favourites-, fandom: supernatural rps, genre: drama, length:20000-30000, pairing: jared/jensen, rating: nc-17, style: experimental, verse: bittersweet technocracy
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