every breath is a victory (moveablehistory) wrote in thistogether,
every breath is a victory

Replace and Subsequent

title: Replace and Subsequent
author: moveablehistory.
rating: G
notes: Strict drabble, Gen, Dean-centric. Written for ciela_night as per writing meme. Set in the same ficcyverse as Deus Ex Machina, and I suggest reading that if this makes no sense.

Replace and Subsequent

The car doesn't know a lot of things, like the moment that the dean part starting talking to it. It doesn't know why the dean part never talked to it before, but now it seems normal.

It doesn't know why it likes (oh feeling! it thought since feelings are new) it when the dean part cleans things and moves things around, but after a while the car realizes that it doesn't know quite what the dean part is or why it does that is but it likes it anyways.

It doesn't understand what feelings are yet so it just accepts.

Tags: fandom: supernatural, genre: schmoop, length: -1000, pairing: none, rating: pg, verse: deus ex machina
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