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fullstop (in a brand new west)

title. fullstop (in a brand new west)
rating. r for sexual situations + dirtytalk.
notes. part of in a brand new west, and that definitely should be read first. A wee 700 words long interlude for lyra_wing's birthday, I hope she enjoys. :))
gratitude. ♥belovedsnail. thank you! and thanks causette for the banner!
song. Jem; Come On Closer [lyrics]

It was really really bright out - sun glinting off snow, trees crystalline, flurries falling slow – and Jared couldn't bear to look through the bright of it. Sort of. He made grumbly noises in protest.

"Stop whining and go fix it yourself." Jensen muttered, and he looked perfectly comfortable; Jared tried to resist the temptation to poke at the spot just below Jensen's last rib, that spot where he knew Jensen would laugh helplessly. He got up out of bed, padded through the snow and dug around underneath the nearest pine tree, flipped a switch beside the rotary dial and then padded back through sand, shook it off before he crawled back into their bed. A palm tree hung above them shading their eyes, and sunlight skipped through the breaks in branches.

"You do know that's kind of creepy, huh?" Jared stretched and accidently on purpose smacked Jensen's ass.

"What?" Jensen's voice was muddled, and the seagulls were really damn loud.

"We're on a beach, Jensen. There are waves lapping at the foot of the bed."

"So?" Jensen wriggled around for a second, rolled over and threw an arm around Jared's back, buried his nose at Jared's shoulder.

"Hold on." Jared disentangled himself, waded through ankle deep sand – Jensen laughed, Jared threw a look over his shoulder and smiled – and then he bent (Jensen leered) and flipped the dial again.

A wind blew, and leaves fluttered down over the bed. Big, giant maple leaves. Jared grinned, pounced and mauled at Jensen's lips with his tongue, hitched himself up. Jensen laughed and then pulled him back down, smiled up into his mouth and wriggled, tangled up legs together and laced up fingers. Spread wide, straddled across Jensen's hips, bent forward and settled down.

"You're a big girl."

"You're the one who wanted to make out on the holodeck."

"...point taken."


A little later, (and this is a scene so schmoopy that I barely have the dental fortitude to withstand the sweet of it) Jared's going to have Jensen flat on his back, shoulders barely up against the headboard - insofar as there was a headboard, because it really was just a hologram of a headboard. Jared wasn't too sure how it worked, but he wasn't about to question it when he had Jensen all... pliant and almost-but-not-quite-sleepy beneath him.

Jared had his thumb just under the head of Jensen's cock, but he was watching Jensen's eyes, caught that all-awake flutter.

"Are you pretending to be sleepy so I have to do all the work?" Jared was growling low - grrrrrr - but Jensen liked it more than he ought.

"No. Hell no. Also, I'm tired."

Jared barked out a laugh, smiled, flipped them both over until Jensen was sprawled above him and shaking his head.

"Mmmm, what do we have here?" Jensen smiled with all his teeth, reached enough to flatten his hand against Jared's hip, Jared canted up enough to make contact.

"Get a move on, willja?" Jared's voice was all strain; Jensen didn't move a muscle more, kept himself just above, just barely above. "Can we skip to the good part?"

"What, the part when I lick up your throat, and then maybe back down, maybe have my mouth around your cock 'till you're out of breath, and then you'll open me up with your fingers, and I'll fuckin' lose it-" Jensen stopped talking, eyes wide and steady on Jared, half a grin across his face.

Jared's jaw dropped. "Argrbjn. ugcluvbhj. Uh. That- that sounds great. Let's get right on that."

"Sure thing." Jensen bent, and licked a line up the side of Jared's neck.


There was a laptop in the back corner of the room that lit up, started typing in morse code – bipbipbip – it whirred to life and wound back down, settled.


Sally stood in the middle of her mid-20th century apartment floating in space, a brief and very curt message in hand.
Tags: -author's favourites-, fandom: supernatural rps, genre: comedy, genre: schmoop, length: -1000, pairing: jared/jensen, rating: r, verse: in a brand new west
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