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31st-Mar-2008 12:15 am - psa: hearts and lols!
FYI: All J2 non-AU fics previously posted publicly here (or elsewhere) are going to be flocked - mostly because it makes me very uncomfortable having public RPS about an engaged dude.

If for any reason you want to get a hold of any of my RPS, message me and I can send you a text document join the comm (it's open membership) and enjoy. :)
5th-Feb-2008 02:53 pm - the bering strait
*NOTE. Accidentally double-posted, sorry! Please read the story here.
It seems to be that time again. :))

Looking back, this year was hard for me, in terms of the act of writing, but not in the terms of thinking creatively or approaching stories from new or different angles. I think that if 2006 was me trying to learn how to write again, 2007 was me trying to actually write.

yearly fiction roundup and future plansCollapse )
19th-Dec-2007 12:28 pm - a move of minor proportions

After much backing-up and archiving, I've managed to move all my fic from soon-to-expire http://thistogether.wild-hunt.org, to http://fictional.thistogether.org. The new address is at a host that I can actually afford to keep indefinitely and so there are no plans to move... ever.

I'm going to keep posting stories here. That being said, given the LJ environment, I'm unsure about permanence and so if you choose to bookmark or anything, I suggest doing so over at http://fictional.thistogether.org. The feed (thistogetherfic) has also been changed to reflect the move.

Thanks so much for reading my stuff, you guys. :))
5th-Dec-2007 12:19 pm - of the noble disposition is lifelong
title. of the noble disposition is lifelong
pairing. Jared/Jensen
rating. R
summary. On December 5, 2007, Jensen gets kicked out of his network-subsidized apartment. Jared takes him in.
notes. 3500 words of domestic first time schmoop.
thanks. Everybody on my WIP filter, especially technosage, poisontaster and veronamay for the excellent concrit.

of the noble disposition is life-longCollapse )
16th-Nov-2007 12:24 pm - any verbal account of a person
title. any verbal account of a person
pairing. J2
rating. PG
notes. 1850wc. For belovedsnail. Huge thanks to walkawayslowly. Wherein Gisela attempts to put classical film theory class to practical use. Title from A Dialectic Approach to Film Form.
summary. Jensen is shy and always has been.
music. Sia; Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss Remix). [download] (k, i hope this one is new. :))

storyCollapse )
title. your bridge in this storm (a binary deconstruction)
pairing. Sam/Dean
rating. R
notes. For dontyouwaitup, via spn_remix. Original story here.

read the storyCollapse )
16th-Oct-2007 09:48 pm - twister (in a starfall redux)
title. twister (in a starfall redux)
pairing. Sam/Dean
rating. R
notes. For aynslee, via spn_remix. Original story here.

read the storyCollapse )
title: untitled (a stanford fic) w/author's commentary
rating: 14a for language and some subject matter. Also, smart!Dean!
notes: 8177 words of gen futurefic much too influenced by my summer lit class.
gratitude. Special thanks to kiraboshi, without whom this wouldn't have existed at all. All quotes from here.
summary: So, it's all over and Sam's looking back at what he wanted to be. Dean's looking forward trying to make up his mind.

read the original fic / read the fic with commentary
20th-Aug-2007 03:48 pm - Public Service Annoucement
For any persons who may follow this community:

HI! :D

In light of recent el-jay decisions, I've decided to move my fic offsite. All posts already here won't be moved/deleted/anything-ed, but future posts will consist of header information and a link offsite, most likely to the wordpress blog I've set up to host my stories - we're in this together.

That blog will also contain some much shorter bits of fiction that I tend to not post here and only post on my personal journal, under the category 'bitesized.' I've also set up a feed - thistogetherfic, if you care to track that instead.

Have a nice day. :))
14th-Aug-2007 12:12 am - over the face of the waters
title. over the face of the waters (or, five times Dean touched the ocean)
rating. PG
pairing. Implied Sam/Dean
notes. Half for drvsilla (informal meme yay), and half for fan_this - the water!birthday!ficmix I promised. 350 words. :))

zip. [download]
Matthew Good Band - Hello Time Bomb (Acoustic) [download]
Faultline - Your Love Means Everything [download]
String Quartet Tribute: Death Cab for Cutie's Transatlanticism [download]
Moby - God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters [download]
Clint Mansell - Together We Will Live Forever [download]

over the face of the watersCollapse )
5th-Jul-2007 10:56 am - gravity cannot be held reponsible
title. gravity cannot be held responsible
rating. 14A
pairing. (pre-slash) Jensen/Jared.
notes and summary. Jensen has a hopeless crush, and he's okay with that. 1200wc of a quiet moment on set for waterofthemoon's birthday.

gravity cannot be held responsibleCollapse )
4th-Jul-2007 10:41 pm - [traveler] lockstop, watch & compass
title. lockstop, watch & compass
rating. 14a, for moderate almost!schmoop and some m/m.
pairing. Jay Burchell/ Tyler Fog
notes. 590 words. spoilers for 1.05 (20/6/2007 ep)

lockstop, watch & compassCollapse )
title. the language of waves and radiation (or, how the dead speak to the living)
rating. NC-17 for graphic sexuality and subject matter.
pairing. Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles. Brief het.
notes. Approx. 23000 words for spn_j2_bigbang
gratitude. here
soundtracks and art. sansets [here] & timbean [here]. timbean's soundtrack is downloadable [here] I recommend listening while reading, if possible.

the language of waves and radiationCollapse )
5th-Jun-2007 01:43 pm - the high cost of living
title. the high cost of living
pairing. Sam/Dean
rating. PG-13
wordcount. 1100ish
spoilers. Post S2 Finale
notes. Much thanks to rei_c and belovedsnail. Deliberately follows yesterday's Atlantic Ocean prompt.

( the high cost of living )
1st-Jun-2007 06:50 pm - tactile kinesthetic
title. tactile kinesthetic
rating. 14A for violence and implied m/m.
pairing. Sam/Dean
notes. For Susan's evil! and/or badass!Sam ficathon. About 1000 words of SPN/Fight Club crossover, sort of, and much thanks to belovedsnail.
summary. Sam and Dean fight dirty.

tactile kinestheticCollapse )
6th-May-2007 12:54 am - برزخ (life after)
title. برزخ (life after)
ratings/warnings. 14A for implied sexuality.
pairing. Sam/Dean angst/schmoop via third-party perspective.
notes. 1590wc for amchara. grateful thanks to girlmostlikely and belovedsnail.
summary. Death doesn't much like his job.

"Every soul must taste of death, then to Us you shall be brought back."
The Qur'an. (29.57)

برزخ (life after)Collapse )
15th-Apr-2007 12:14 am - hear the whole world turning
title. hear the whole world turning
rating. R
pairing. (pre-) Sam/Dean
notes. For batoutofkansas. 1950 words, with most grateful thanks to belovedsnail.
summary. Sam's cursed. Dean doesn't really mind.

hear the whole world turningCollapse )
14th-Mar-2007 03:53 pm - Assorted Selections (Vol. II)
I write a lot. And post a lot flocked, and every once in a while I like to dust off some ficlets and smush them all together for your enjoyment. :))

title. [various]
rating. between G - R.
pairing. Sam/Dean (one slash, one pre-slash and two gen.)
notes. Each one is titled and rated individually, although the total wordcount is 475. Enjoy!

four wee ficletsCollapse )
6th-Mar-2007 10:44 am - fullstop (in a brand new west)
title. fullstop (in a brand new west)
rating. r for sexual situations + dirtytalk.
notes. part of in a brand new west, and that definitely should be read first. A wee 700 words long interlude for lyra_wing's birthday, I hope she enjoys. :))
gratitude. ♥belovedsnail. thank you! and thanks causette for the banner!
song. Jem; Come On Closer [lyrics]

fullstop (in a brand new west)Collapse )
title. 'cause no one's looking
rating. 14a, Sam/Dean preslash.
notes. for 100_ghosts prompt "gift horse."

'cause no one's lookingCollapse )
6th-Feb-2007 01:16 am - all along (a stanford fic)
title. all along (a stanford fic)
rating. 14a for Sam/Dean preslash/slash.
notes. 650 words of untitled (a stanford fic) accompanyment for anteka's birthday. Listening to Our Lady Peace - 4 A.M. is highly recommended.

all along (a stanford fic)Collapse )
4th-Feb-2007 01:10 am - untitled (perfect storm)
title. untitled (perfect storm)
rating. pg, gen.
notes. for the 100_ghosts prompt perfect storm.

untitled (perfect storm)Collapse )
24th-Jan-2007 11:52 pm - a slight cause and almost celebration
title. a slight cause and almost celebration
rating. 14a.
pairing. Sam/Dean, blink-and-miss-it Sam/Jensen Ackles reference.
notes. “Experimental” “writing” about 1580 words long. Dean is drunk, and also Sam is drunk, and also possibly me, thanks. Happy birthday, Dean.

a slight cause and almost celebrationCollapse )
20th-Jan-2007 01:45 pm - like the price in everything else
title. like the price in everything else
rating. 14a
pairing. Sam/Dean (preslash)
notes. Episode tag for 2.11 Playthings, approx. 325 words long.

like the price in everything elseCollapse )
18th-Jan-2007 03:52 pm - in a brand new west
title. in the brand new west
rating. PG, for the most part. Gets R-ish towards the end with a nice PWP finish.
characters/pairings. Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki. Minor OMCs + OFCs, with appearances by Sandy(?) and the The Amazing Mechanic!dogs Sadie and Harley.
warnings. General Narrative Strangeness, "experimental" "writing", a Scene (or several) of Much Discomfort, dubious science and some Fluffy Voyeuristic Porn.
summary. Jensen Ackles flies transport all by his lonesome - until the goddamn government agency that was supposed to find him Someone Special ends up finding him Jared Padalecki. IN SPACE.
notes. Written as a ten-part crack/happy serial, posted flocked. Gratitude to my dear flist - you know who you are. ♥♥! And especially to eboniorchid and belovedsnail for handholding, and to causette for the banner. :D
wordcount. Approx. 9100 long. Divided by section.

in a brand new westCollapse )
So, this is your official nominations post. If there is a general fic you would like to see included in the upcoming Supernatural General Anthology, this would be the place to pimp it.

That's it. Just give me a list of stories you'd like to see in print, and I'll do the rest.

Some Guidelines:
  • longish, plotty and/or unconventional fics = ftw.
  • general = no ships.
  • please include links.

Thank you. :)
24th-Dec-2006 02:33 pm - joyful and triumphant
title: joyful and triumphant
author: moveablehistory
rating: PG
category: preslash (Sam/Dean)
notes: I hate Christmas, but I do like giving Christmas presents. 900ish words. And also: a song.


joyful and triumphantCollapse )
24th-Dec-2006 01:15 am - yearly fic roundup and future plans
in reviewCollapse )
20th-Dec-2006 08:32 pm - syntax, a story in 101 lines
<b>title</b> syntax, a story in 101 lines
<b>author</b> <lj user="moveablehistory">
<b>rating</b> pg
<b>notes</b> written in bastardized HTML and PHP pseudosyntax; an experiment for all the geeks in the crowd.

if, set value trueCollapse )
title. secretly, in between your heart and your soul
author. moveablehistory
rating/warnings. nc-17; fraternal incest and rough-ish sex.
gratitude. dev_earl and veronamay for betaing - all remaining mistakes are mine, eboniorchid for audiencing, and belovedsnail for making it feel mine. ♥!
notes. This is a 1500 words teaser for a longer fic which I am writing for angstslashhope's birthday - she had asked for wee!Winchesters. These boys aren't wee by any standards, but I'm still working on it. :) Title translated from Neruda's Soneto XVII.

the sheets beneath them were mussed and it was obviousCollapse )
title. allegiance to our brothers and fathers
mixer. moveablehistory
rating/warnings. PG, spoilers to 2.01
gratitude. thanks to belovedsnail and dev_earl for all of their help. ♥
notes. Please comment if you download, as this is hosted on my own server.
summary A 5'44 mashup song, for _boppo_ and mcee's birthdays - not quite a drabble, not exactly Sam/Dean, but maybe kind of both? I hope you enjoy it. ♥

allegiance to our brothers and fathersCollapse )
7th-Dec-2006 11:45 am - luminaria
title: luminaria
author: moveablehistory
rating: 14a
pairing: sam/dean
notes: 707 words long. Consider this song (iheart, piracy) by Ian Moore. Also, it's about as angsty as I get. Which means you know exactly how it's going to end, haha. ♥

luminariaCollapse )
7th-Dec-2006 11:29 am - man burnt into ashes
title. man burnt into ashes
author. moveablehistory
characters/pairing. no pairing, Sam + Dean.
rating. r, for violence.
notes. Gen, war!AU, 500 words long.

they were shipped out in marchCollapse )
28th-Nov-2006 07:13 pm - sunrise and go back to bed
title: sunrise and go back to bed
author: moveablehistory
rating: 14a
pairing: Sam/Dean
notes: 1200ish words long. girlmostlikely posted this and I just had to write something. Originally posted flocked. Very schmoopy, yes.

sunrise and go back to bedCollapse )
18th-Nov-2006 01:26 am - laughter, defiant.
title: laughter, defiant.
rating: 14a
pairing: Sam/Dean
notes: for veronamay, happy birthday! here's 2300ish words of lighthearted Sam/Dean. Unbeta'd. :)

hefted a 30lb bag of road salt into the cartCollapse )
11th-Nov-2006 01:34 am - an american love story
for belovedsnail: the LJ thingy says it's your birthday tomorrow. I adore you! ♥

title: an american love story
pairing: sam/dean.
rating: 14a
notes: 1300 words of happy!boys, set in/around S2 - no spoilers. Unbeta'd.

chocolate bar wrappers and mostly empty Doritos bags that crunched with every motionCollapse )
31st-Oct-2006 01:13 pm - A Supernatural Slash Anthology
A Supernatural Slash Anthology, Vol. I & II.

The purpose of this anthology is to create a book you can wrap up in a blanket with, something more portable than a laptop, something you can write in and make your own. I hope that I've accomplished that, and that everyone who reads this will enjoy it.

get a copyCollapse )
19th-Oct-2006 06:22 pm - general store / monday morning
title(s): general store / monday morning
rating(s): 14a for brothers in love.
notes: two ickle baby ficlets for halfshellvenus, happy birthday. ♥ and the first one is also for belovedsnail: found a place for that softserve vanilla/ammunition. :)

two teenyweeny ficletsCollapse )
15th-Oct-2006 02:20 pm - spn slash anthology table of contents
Because I said I'd post it. :)

Because of its length, I'm splitting up the anthology into two volumes of about 400 or so pages each (5" x 8"), but it'll still be avaliable one big huge one too. I'm making the .indd and .pdf files, as well as Adobe InDesign for Windows, all avaliable, because I checked the pricing at CafePress and it's... not cheap. I'm willing to bet that if people want to print/bind themselves, it'll work out to less and they'll have a much more customised work, picking and choosing what they want. In any case, everything is free (or at cost, in the case of cafepress) and the release date (Hallowe'en) for the slash anthology is on track.

Now, this isn't the absolutely final list, but it's pretty darn close. :)

table of contentsCollapse )

Remember, this is for the SLASH anthology. There are still a couple of people that I've either emailed today or haven't heard back from, so that could change. If you still want to submit something for consideration, or want to suggest somebody else's work, then leave a comment. :)
11th-Oct-2006 10:27 am - Against the Glass (fiat lux)
Remix Title: Against the Glass. [fiat lux remix]
Remix Author: moveablehistory
Original Story: Against the Glass
Original Author: elohvee
Rating: R
Pairings: Sam/Dean

it's raining, it's hot and it's rainingCollapse )
21st-Sep-2006 01:17 am - luna
title: luna
rating: 14a
pairing: sam/dean
notes: for belovedsnail, because of moth wings and tiny girls with big headphones. Around 950 words long. For crack!prompt wings. Part of a larger set of crack!fic that includes saint and the dragon and others. Unbeta'd.
summary: Dean looked around the room, noticing how the previously relatively soft motel sheet now felt coarse as hell, how his boxers seemed about a hundred miles away, how Sam was trying really really hard not to laugh.

prompt four; wings; slash, 14a. Collapse )
19th-Sep-2006 06:52 pm - saint and the dragon
Just so you know: it's crack. Very crack. Barely makes sense to me. :)

title: saint and the dragon
author: moveablehistory
rating: 14a
pairings: gen, can be read otherwise.
notes: For technosage, because I promised. Part of a large set of crack!fic - this is 500~ long so I figure it can stand on its own just fine.
summary: He's on horseback, but the horse is shaped like the impala and his legs are spread impossibly wide. The hill above him is burning, dragon stomping on huts and snapping up villagers with its teeth, moaning aloud i'm dying someone save me while crunching on virgins.

Something hits him and he falls back and down, through the earth and the sky, flat back dizzy.Collapse )
21st-Aug-2006 02:55 pm - slash!mood!fic
title: [various]
author: moveablehistory
rating: [various, I tend to use the canadian ratings system]
characters/pairings: Sam, Dean, John, Missouri, OFC(s), OMC(s); Sam/Dean.
warnings: [slash set]: wincest, non-angsty character death, genderfuckery, angsty character death, denial, language, questionable consent, unquestionable consent, schmoop and almost!porn. Also, I know - I know, drabbles are exactly one hundred words each, but I kind of bent the rules a wee bit. :)

This drabble set is divided into two parts - slash and gen - and they'll link each other at the end. Just want to make sure nobody accidently reads anything that wish they didn't. :)

wordcount: total - 10,000.
feedback: This was a huge exercise for me, so commenting with concrit, favourite lines, general impressions, etc. would be so very helpful. ♥
note: This is the SLASH part. The GEN set is here. // full introduction here.

100 Drabbles - SLASH ONLYCollapse )
21st-Aug-2006 02:40 pm - gen!mood!fic
title: [various]
author: moveablehistory
rating: [various, I tend to use the canadian ratings system]
characters/pairings: Sam, Dean, John, Missouri, OFC(s), OMC(s).
warnings: [gen set]: fluff, angst, non-angsty character death, angsty character death, genderswitch AU, apocalypse, wee!Winchesters, hellspawn, language, gratuitious homoerotic subtext, implausible plot devices, mood pieces, character studies, flowery prose and wildly happy boys. Also, I know - I know, drabbles are exactly one hundred words each, but I kind of bent the rules a wee bit. :)

This drabble set is divided into two parts - slash and gen - and they'll link each other at the end. Just want to make sure nobody accidently reads anything that wish they didn't. :)

wordcount: total - 10,000.
feedback: This was a huge exercise for me, so commenting with concrit, favourite lines, general impressions, etc. would be so very helpful. ♥
soundtrack: Phillip Glass - Solo Piano (album, zipped) and Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats (album, zipped)
note: This is the GEN part. The SLASH part is here // full introduction here.

100 Drabbles - GEN ONLYCollapse )
31st-Jul-2006 01:42 pm - hello, sweetheart.
title: hello, sweetheart.
author: moveablehistory
rating: almost porny. ehhh, hard 14a.
characters/pairings: ofc, Sam/Dean.
summary: 1190ish words of a third person observing how much Dean loves Sam. And vice-versa.
note: son-of-a-bitch is used as a generic all-purpose expletive. Just so you know. The book Eleanor Rigby is a reference to the beatles song [lyrics] and is obviously referring to the novel by Douglas Coupland, which I got signed last night. *squee!*

hello, sweetheart.Collapse )
23rd-Jul-2006 10:46 pm - whirl
Just a little something I've whipped up for belovedsnail and cocombat. Hope you guys enjoy. :)

title: whirl
author: moveablehistory
pairing: sam/dean.
rating: s for schmoop + c for competition, 14a for short.
notes: 780 words, written very quickly. :)
summary: Sam and Dean come across a carnival.

whirlCollapse )
10th-Jul-2006 09:50 pm - powder sugar; hockey sticks
title: powder sugar; hockey sticks
author: moveablehistory
rating: 14A
notes: 1300~ words of gen; an experiment in point of view. Written for spn_north.
summary: Sam and Dean follow the ghost of Tim Horton through a variety of Tim Horton's coffee shops along the 401 in Southern Ontario.

I could smell donuts.Collapse )
4th-Jul-2006 12:00 pm - present tense
title: present tense
author: moveablehistory
rating: p for porn
warnings/notes: Sam/Dean. *Extremely* schmoopy schmoop slightly-linguistics!geeky pwp.
a/n: First time I've written anything like this (omg porn! at two in the morning!) so feedback would be lovely. Also, could ostensibly be a deleted scene from untitled (a stanford fic).
wordcount: 650


He's laughing above you, and you're laughing with him.Collapse )
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