psa: hearts and lols!

FYI: All J2 non-AU fics previously posted publicly here (or elsewhere) are going to be flocked - mostly because it makes me very uncomfortable having public RPS about an engaged dude.

If for any reason you want to get a hold of any of my RPS, message me and I can send you a text document join the comm (it's open membership) and enjoy. :)

the bering strait

title. the bering strait
pairing. Sam/Dean
rating. 14A / R
notes/summary. 1000wc. For vitamin_fic and spn_apocasmut. Apparently, a drop of ten degrees celsius in average temperature is really catastrophic.
music. Stan Rogers, "Northwest Passage."
thanks. brynwulf + rejeneration = ♥♥♥

"Love is the final end of the world's history, the Amen of the universe."
- Novalis -

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yearly fiction roundup and future plans - 2008

It seems to be that time again. :))

Looking back, this year was hard for me, in terms of the act of writing, but not in the terms of thinking creatively or approaching stories from new or different angles. I think that if 2006 was me trying to learn how to write again, 2007 was me trying to actually write.

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a move of minor proportions


After much backing-up and archiving, I've managed to move all my fic from soon-to-expire, to The new address is at a host that I can actually afford to keep indefinitely and so there are no plans to move... ever.

I'm going to keep posting stories here. That being said, given the LJ environment, I'm unsure about permanence and so if you choose to bookmark or anything, I suggest doing so over at The feed (thistogetherfic) has also been changed to reflect the move.

Thanks so much for reading my stuff, you guys. :))

of the noble disposition is lifelong

title. of the noble disposition is lifelong
pairing. Jared/Jensen
rating. R
summary. On December 5, 2007, Jensen gets kicked out of his network-subsidized apartment. Jared takes him in.
notes. 3500 words of domestic first time schmoop.
thanks. Everybody on my WIP filter, especially technosage, poisontaster and veronamay for the excellent concrit.

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any verbal account of a person

title. any verbal account of a person
pairing. J2
rating. PG
notes. 1850wc. For belovedsnail. Huge thanks to walkawayslowly. Wherein Gisela attempts to put classical film theory class to practical use. Title from A Dialectic Approach to Film Form.
summary. Jensen is shy and always has been.
music. Sia; Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss Remix). [download] (k, i hope this one is new. :))

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